Monday, February 09, 2015

New Mexico top to bottom

We were planning on staying the night last night in Raton NM, but only made it to Trinidad, CO.  I think it was the coldest night we have ever spent in the PW.  We woke up at 5:30 am and decided to move down the road a while.  It was a good idea because here is what awaited us as we entered New Mexico. 


At Santa Fe we turned south on the Turquoise Scenic Trail.  One of the more interesting small towns with past mining history and now artist community was Madrid.  It would have been a good place to spend a little time, but we knew we had miles ahead.  The Trail is rich with history including Cerrillos which was once New Mexico’s capitol and historical locations of Indian missions.  Between the small towns were   scrub pines and cactus with mountain ranges far in the distance.  Or, there would be a small mountain thrusting out of flat terrain.  



About 100 miles north of El Paso, we turned west on scenic 152 over Emery Pass in the Mimbres Mountains.  Emery Pass was named for Lt William Hensley Emery who in 1846 scouted the then Mexican territory for the United States.  The mountains in this range are made up of  Tertiary Volcanic and Paleozoic sedimentary rocks.  Although parts of the drive reminded us of Colorado, the small trees and Yucca like plants that we’ve since decided are a miniature palm set it apart. The horseshoe turns and steep drop offs took us up to the 8,000 foot pass. 

We knew the campgrounds were all closed for the winter through this pass, but we were able to snag a scenic off road spot anyway. 


We have enjoyed this beautiful drive but tomorrow will be headed to what our friends Kay and Lynn call Land of the Sun.


Tj said...

It is the Land of the Sun!! Your friends Kay and Lynn are so Right!!

Pablo said...

I've been on the Turquoise Trail and stopped in Madrid. I long to go back.