Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Floating the Wakarusa River

We were scheduled to float on the North Fork this summer, but it didn’t work out.  We have talked about floating on the Wakarusa River numerous times, but just never drove the one and half mile to the river and did it.  It was our neighbor Christi who said let’s quit talking about it and just do it. With the end of October looming and cold weather around the corner, we decided this afternoon was perfect.

We were on the river for about two hours.  We put in just south of us and then paddled up the river for a half mile or so before turning around and drifting down.  The river is backed up somewhat from the lake, but there is enough of a current to help with a slow drift.

There was a bicycle embedded in a high bank.  You will see part of it in a picture.  How do you suppose that bike got there?  The consensus among us was that it washed there in high water. 

We had one pelican that watched us most of the way.  He would wait until we got close and then fly on up the river.  Finally, he joined the others.

Tom and Christi are in the canoe.  Dan and I are in a double kayak.

Click on the picture below  for a slideshow of a few more pictures.