Sunday, October 19, 2014

Changes ahead

It is now certain.  We will no longer have children living close by.  Kim, Marc, Aaron, Adam and Evan are moving to North Carolina.  So, we now will have one family 18 hours east and Doug, Drue, Trent and Carly 8 hours west. 

There have been hints of the possibility of the North Carolina move, but honestly, our hope was that it might not happen.  We felt selfish for that hope, because the best jobs and opportunities are not always nearby.  When Kim closed her physical therapy business,  we knew it was a matter of time.

The timetable is fluid.  The goal is to get a realtor in to the present house by the end of this week.  Then they will be flying to the Raleigh-Durham area to decide where they want to start looking for a home.  Marc will be working in the Research Triangle.

They do plan to enroll the kids in school second semester there.  It will hurry them up a bit, but I am glad the family is staying together. 

This week Dan and I will help finish the remodel project.  It should come together well.  Dan will be trimming and I will be doing whatever I can to help get everything done. 

One positive thought on the location of our two children and their families—lots to do and scenic.  We always enjoy our visits to Colorado.  It is a great stopping off place when we journey on west as well.  Everyone says North Carolina is beautiful.  We have visited what can be seen from the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I have a feeling we will become more acquainted with the area now.