Tuesday, September 09, 2014

What is that tree?

Over the years Dan has removed many many trees from our acreage down the road, mostly hedge and locust.  From the beginning he liked the look of this tree so he left it. 


He could have tried harder to identify it, but it just never occurred to him to check further.  This picture was taken this morning.  It was a beautiful morning so we were just tooling around after we fed the fish.

When we went by this tree, Dan said, “Will you look at that.” Here is what he saw.


Pears, the tree is loaded with pears. 

They are small, but I peeled one, it was sweet.  We think possibly one of our new neighbors planted a pear tree and our resident bees pollinated our tree.  I am sure the skunks, raccoons etc will be enjoying those pears—maybe I’ll even enjoy a few.