Friday, September 05, 2014

Should I have a bucket list?

I know people do because I hear them say they have checked something off.  Each time I hear someone say that, I wonder if I should make one up.  But I haven’t.

There might be several reasons I do not have a bucket list. 

First, any time I make a list of “Things to Do” and don’t get everything on the list done, I have a feeling of not accomplishing a goal.  Rather than be happy about what I do get done, I am looking to the next item. It is my hope that trips taken or new accomplishments achieved are each treated special, as if it is the best thing I’ve ever done and not be looking to another line item that might be perceived as being even better or more exciting.

Second, I think of bucket lists as big accomplishments.  For instance, go to Europe or hike the Grand Canyon.  (Our friend Lynn, who is our age, just completed the hike—wonder if it was on his bucket list)  If there is anything that would fall into that category it was to go to Alaska.  Of course, we went several years ago.  Rather than cross that off a list, though, I would like to go back.  It seems most any trip we take, we talk about going back.  Even if we don’t make it back to every place we visit, I like the feeling that we might get back.  So, with that attitude, I would never cross anything off the list.

Finally, I haven’t seen the movie that promoted the bucket list idea—I know I would like it—but I think I have the premise of the movie right in that doing all the things on the list are “end of life” accomplishments.  With that in mind, my list would be so long that it wouldn’t be realistic.

Now, having said all these reasons, I am still not sure it isn’t a nice idea.  The thought is appealing.  Right now, though,  I think I’ll look ahead to one goal at a time.

Monday, September 01, 2014

Linda’s Backroad Musings is 10 years old!

Ten years ago today I put my first post on this blog.  I’m not sure why I decided to start writing a blog.  It seemed like a fun thing to do.  Google’s Blogger was relatively new and all the research said it was an easy way to begin.  So, I sat down and signed up. 2,221 posts later, here we are. 

Most who follow me know the name comes from the fact that I was a Rural Letter Carrier and the pictures and stories are from driving the backroads of the mail route.  Always keeping in mind that I needed something for my blog, I would watch for unusual happenings.   (Check the list of blog posts on the left of the page for a few examples)

Two out of our five grandchildren were born in the last ten years.  Carly and Evan.  Aaron, Adam and Trent were born before 2004, but they all have had their share of space here. 

We lost three of our four parents during this time.  I’m not sure how much I shared of those occasions.

Much to his dismay, Dan has shown up on here as well—mostly in vacation photos.  Speaking of that, I started a companion blog entitled wildlife wildflowers waterfalls.  It is a commentary of roadtrips we have taken up until 2012.  It is a great blog and I should go back and update it with our more recent travels.  I guess I let it get behind because it was easier to update one blog.

I write mostly for our family.   However, sometimes it seems I write for myself.  I enjoy going back and reading past posts.  I don’t have a huge number of followers, although it has grown over the years—if I post regularly and have something interesting going in our life, I’ll have around 40 visits a day according to the Blogger statistics.   Not a popular site by any means, but I feel quite satisfied.

Facebook has taken the place of many blogs.  I love to read about relatives and friends there but I still prefer to post pictures and stories on LBM.   People  have a choice as to whether they want to visit this page.  If I have one regret, I wish I would have been more diligent in tagging my posts.  Google’s search does a fairly good job, but sometimes I wonder if I have already written about a topic.  Well, I guess if I can’t remember, all of you wonderful readers certainly won’t remember.

Since I retired from the mail route, there doesn’t seem to be as many interesting things —at least day to day—to write about.  In the past year, I have slowed down even more with my posts.  I have every intention to keep this little piece of journalism.  I still enjoy writing.

One of the most frustrating situations associated with LBM is that I don’t seem to have inspirations until about 11:00 at night.  I have tried to get in the habit of writing during the day to no avail.  However, I am going to give it another try this fall.  Being sleepy and trying to write are not a good mix—especially at 68 years old. (Note:  I wrote this at 12:30 last night and found multiple mistakes this morning—another reason to write during the day)

Well, I thought in memory of the occasion, I would repost my entry from September 1, 2004.   

Labor Day Weekend

It's a day of new beginnings. The first entry in my Blog, the beginning of September, and the start of Labor Day Weekend. And, knowing me, this weekend will be the start of many jobs--none finished! We are planning on traveling to Salina tomorrow to see Kim & Marc's new home. After that we will stop by Junction City to visit Mom and then on to Manhattan for the KSU game. All of this tomorrow--then paint the house on Sunday--well, at least get started. Will update on Sunday morning--

Hopefully, I will be here for another ten years.  Thank you so very much to everyone who checks in now and then.  You are all the best.

By the way, the house needs painting again…