Monday, August 18, 2014


I have this picture in my mind of a place in Junction City Kansas. It was a basement with a stairs off the street. There might have been a sign but not sure. It was known as the place where soldiers from Fort Riley got tattoos. I picture it as dark and scary. After all, tattoos were a macho man/military thing in the 50's.

Today I witnessed two of my friends get tattoos. It was not down a dark stairs, rather a bright, clean setting and an experienced hip lady as the artist.

My feeling is many of my lady friends might actually give some consideration to getting these tats.

Eyebrows and eye liner!

This was not a quick accomplishment--at least one and a half hours each.

First, they put on a cream that supposedly numbed the area. According to my friends, they didn't feel too numb. Then the "artist" donned her rubber gloves and grabbed a small electric contraption about the size of a wood burning tool and started in. She kept dipping it in ink and hummed away. At least it sounded like a hum. It must have felt more brutal. Both girls stated clearly and emphatically negative thoughts about having the procedure done again. (It needs to be touched up every few years)  When I asked what pain could compare to having the procedure done, one said when she broke her ankle. Oh My!!

But, the pain was brief and it looked to me to be very well done. My guess they both will be glad they went through with it. Unfortunately, I promised no pictures or names in writing this. So, their secret is with me. I guarantee no one looking at either of them would know they don't have makeup.

Was one of them me? Nope, I seldom wear eye makeup. I was the driver. But...

I've been rolling around this thought of Dan and I getting matching ring tattoos for our fifth wedding anniversary--neither of us wear wedding rings. If we do, there will be full coverage right here.