Friday, June 20, 2014

What’s going on? Last thing first-Evan’s Birthday

Yesterday was Evan’s birthday.  It is a big day for him.  Leading up to the big event, it is obviously on his mind because he talks about it a lot.  Since he is now a 2nd grader, he wrote his own list.  We gave him a Skylander figure.  For the uninformed, Skylander figures are placed on a small “Portal of Power” and transported into a video game.  I checked it out and it seems appropriate for his age.  However, he seemed most happy with his Toy Story Woody.  

We watched the kids swim then ended with ice cream and cake.  Remember, it is Evan that always has trouble with his brothers blowing out his candles before he gets a chance.  This year was no exception.

Click on here or on Evan’s picture for a slide show of his party.


I will plan on catching up on my posts this weekend.  Thanks for checking in.