Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Well,  maybe not quite a roadtrip—at least not the usual kind.  I am representing Stull UMC at the church annual conference in Lincoln Nebraska the remainder of this week.  Then off to southern Kansas to volunteer for the Symphony in the Flint Hills. 

We are members of Harvest Hosts.  This is a group of farmers, mostly fruit and grapes, who offer their place to stay overnight for free.  It costs to join—no more than one night at a campground.  Then there is access to maps of all the locations in the United States and Canada to stay. 

Which is why we are parked at the WindCrest winery right now.  Owner Dale Lilyhorn took time from working in his vineyard to visit with us about his operation.  He planted his grapes, cherries and pears in  1998 and opened his business in 2008.  His grapes are hybrids which are the types that grow in northern states.  He also makes cherry and pear wine.  He does not buy any fruit outside his farm and only sales on site. 

He expects to have about 30 percent less crop this year due to severe weather this spring—a tornado that came within yards of his crops but still causes substantial damage.  It was an unusual winter with not enough snow cover as well.

We enjoyed his wine and visit.  We would like to think we will be back.