Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Weekend

We generally visit cemeteries sometime during the weekend.  This year we decorated a week early when we were home for the reunion. Hope the flowers survived the final mowing before the big visit last weekend.

Last year we planned a campout at Clinton Lake Memorial Day weekend.  Since the lake is so close, we drove over to scout out a place to park.  It was full, loud and rowdy.  We decided to just camp out in our neighbor’s driveway.  It was only logical that this year would be the Second Annual Driveway Campout.  It works out great.  There are always other events going on so everyone is free to come and go.  One thing is for sure, there is wonderful food.  Chip brought Alaska Salmon for one meal.  Traditional picnic fare for the rest. 

Here is Monday morning.  A big breakfast before breaking camp.


Aaron chose the perfect cake for his birthday on Sunday afternoon.  Lemon cake with lemon filling and frosted with Kim’s delicious white frosting.  Time marches on and our precious grandbabies are growing up.