Saturday, April 26, 2014

It’s officially spring—buzzards, mushrooms and barn swallows are here

Several days ago  I realized I haven’t been properly keeping up on my entries here.  And I have not reported  three occurrences that I know everyone has been waiting to hear—the return of buzzards, morel mushrooms and barn swallows.

I think the buzzards came back while we were down on the Gulf Coast.  Chip reported he thought they were late in returning to our area this year.  We had such a cold March it would seem reasonable.  However, how did the buzzards know it was cold up here?  Maybe they move a little at a time as it warms.  We saw a group riding a wind current somewhere in the south and commented that maybe they were thinking about Kansas.  We’ve seen them ride those currents here when they are thinking about the south in the fall. 

We’ve found a couple dozen morels so far.  Up until tonight, they have been small and dark colored.  Tonight we found the lighter, bigger ones.  We went to our ultra secret site where we found unbelievable amounts of them last year only to see foot prints in the damp soil.  I think we are sharing our mushroom honey hole. 

The barn swallows are back, although not too many yet.  We were out working in the garden this afternoon and there were a few swooping around.  As usual, their nests are under the overhang on the south side of the barn.  Our little RV doesn’t fit under that same overhang entirely if we back in from the south.  So, with bad storms in the forecast we pulled the RV in from the west—long ways—right under the barn swallow nests.  It is a good plan to have the RV stored this way, except for the bird poop, which is a huge downfall of barn swallows. 

Dan finished the replacement of the manifold on the tractor several days ago, so my garden got a nice tilling today.  I am embarrassed to admit that we had to mow and catch the weeds in the garden before we tilled.  It’s looking good now so I’ll be planting as soon as it’s dry.  We stopped by the store today and got the seeds, so I am ready.