Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Cute sayings

It must be spring, because there have been many cute sayings reported from proud grandparents lately.  Several of our friends have grandbabies who are just beginning to communicate in sentences.  Good stuff.

We have had many of those cute observations in our past.  I should have written them down.  I thought maybe we wouldn’t be blessed with any more since our oldest, Aaron, will be 15 in May and our youngest, Evan, will be seven in June.  School replaces the sometimes brilliant random observations of the very young with more analytical communication and thinking skills.

Today, Evan said something that touched my heart, though.  And, it was directed to me.

Here’s what Evan said, “Nana, I think you should make drive by cinnamon rolls.”  He explained that my cinnamon rolls were so good that people would drive up to a McDonalds type window just to get one. 

Of course, Evan will get fresh, hot  cinnamon rolls any time he is here for breakfast.  There is no need to tell him I make those cinnamon rolls in a bread machine either.