Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Can’t dance, too wet to plow and too windy to pick up rocks

I’ve never been too sure what this saying really means, but I have several ideas that I won’t get into here.

As it turns out, though, it has not been too windy to pick up rocks. Because, that's what Dan and I have been doing for three plus hours at a time for the past week. The wind blows and blows and those rocks just lay there. It would be nice if they would blow into a pile--the wind has about been that strong.

Last fall we had a big machine come in and push dirt in every direction in our a 30 acre crop field. The end result is amazing improvement in drainage and tillable acres. It is also amazing how many rocks "floated" to the surface, mainly on the terraces. Spring is here and Mark, our man with the expensive equipment that those rocks could harm, reminded us planting time is approaching.

We’ve had rock picking up projects before. We even got our grandkids involved on this project. Our kids say we made them pick up rocks when they were young. The last time we visited our Colorado family, son Doug told his son he doesn't have it so bad. Because he (Doug) had to pick up rocks on his birthday--and I think he even mentioned he had to pick up rocks on Christmas morning.  Neither Dan nor I remember making the kids pick up rocks, well maybe once----or twice. However, both Dan and I remember having to pick up rocks when we were kids, so I guess this activity makes vivid childhood memories.

One more day and we'll have the current rock project whipped. No kids, no grandkids, just the two of us. However, if everyone gets home this summer, we do have this other area....