Friday, March 28, 2014

Oh well–Old well

Several years ago, on April 4, 2012, I wrote about an old well in the valley below our house.  Here is the picture I posted then.


We put the old bed springs on top of it when we first found it.  It was open before then, located in an old farmstead.  I think this home was abandoned before Clinton Lake was built.  All is left of the home is one side of a foundation made with stacked rocks.  If you didn’t know where it is located, I doubt you could find it.

We went back to the site today to check the well.  I was thinking of hiding a geocache in area of the farmstead.  The open well is a concern for safety of those searching, though. We discovered the well is currently dry.  A first.  Usually when we shine a light down we see water.  It is 14’ deep and lined with rock all the way to the bottom.


We decided if I hide a geocache, it won’t be here. 

By the way, we know of one other open hand dug well in the valley.  We’ve reported both of them, but…..oh well.