Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Another Grandkids weekend!

We are blessed with five bright, handsome/beautiful and engaging grandkids and we’ve enjoyed spending quality time with all of them the last two weeks. We  experienced and enjoyed their young spirits and be, however small, a part of their memories.

This time there was a small glitch for Adam, however.  It was, unfortunately, his turn to be sick.  As I told Kim when she apologized for us having to deal with the flu, everyone gets the sick at some point so no problem.  I was just sorry that  for Adam it meant missing the circus.

The Shrine circus was in town and since we knew the kids were going to be here, we pre-purchased tickets for all five of us.  Adam could and should not be out and about.  Aaron invited a friend so four of us went while Dan stayed with Adam.  You’ve got to love a circus.  There are some parts that never change—big cats, dogs, trapeze artists, clowns….


Protestors of elephant were positioned on the way into the parking lot.  There were three elephants and their existence would be limited.  Their happiness would depend on whether they were captured from the wild or raised in a zoo—another subject.

The circus was fun.  Some of the acts looked like they were from a Busker Festival.  But, the announcer was pure circus, everything moved at a fast pace and the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Adam was a trouper about not getting to go.  I think he appreciated us remembering him with the one souvenir that seemed worth the cost.  Pretty tough balloon too.