Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Snow day

Back in my mail carrying days, I would have had some awesome pictures of this snow.  I thought of that fact when we left today and I saw our own mailbox buried in waves of snow.   Cold, snow and drifts—lots of memories.

I am sure by now most have seen the spectacular sun rainbow this morning.  I wasn’t able to get both like some pictures I’ve seen posted.  It was a beautiful phenomena.  There are a couple pictures taken inside looking out.  One of the tomatoes and the other is a weed that came up in a plant.  It decided today is a good day to bloom. 

Dan and I did get out.  Dan is in charge of clearing the church parking lot.  It definitely was a team effort that involved two large tractors, two quad atvs, and two snow blowers.  Even with that, there were at least four or five with shovels and brooms. 

Here is the link for a iphone or ipad.