Thursday, January 30, 2014

Red and Green

The most interesting thing happening at our house right now is our plants.  Unless it is interesting that Dan got most his bottom teeth pulled and now sports a “flipper.”  (A new term to us but seems to be well known among those who work in dental offices.)  The flipper will be replaced in a couple months.  It actually looks good for a temporary. 

Sometime last spring, I stuck all my poinsettias in a big flower pot and set it out on the east porch through the summer, brought them into the porch last fall and then into the house.  They are interesting to watch.  Here is the result.  They probably didn’t turn red on top because of the way they received light on the porch.  Still, very pretty.

It is big.


Remember the post about the tomato in the butterfly plant.    We pulled out the weeds and set the tomato under a grow light.  IMG_4887



and finally, something to make me think of spring….