Thursday, January 16, 2014

Front deck completed

September 24th of 2013, I wrote about the removal of our front deck, running it all through the sander and then putting it all back on.  If you remember, the 36-year-old deck was made of heart redwood which is no longer available.  All redwood available now is farm raised, lacking the quality of old stock.

The deck hit a couple snags.  Literally, a snag.  A splinter off the redwood caught on the sander belt which caused it to fail.  It took a while to get it replaced.  Then weather came into play. 

All excuses aside, it is now complete.  I should have taken a picture before the snow melted.  As you can see, there are mud tracks on it.  I am very pleased.  Now for the back deck.


The next project slated to begin this spring is to remove all the front landscaping and start over.