Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Colorado Monday, Sept 23

It rained at the Riverside Campground last night so we decided not to trek around too much this morning.

No trip is complete without seeking out waterfalls.  I had two in mind but first we traveled through the big valley where Eleven Mile  and Spinney Mountain Reservoirs are located.  The Aspens showed color on the mountains in the distance with the lingering clouds.  I will include pictures when I get home.

The waterfalls are located in the Princeton Peak Canyon.  What a beautiful drive up into the canyon. At one point we drove through a tunnel of bright yellow and orange aspens.  The first waterfall is Cascade.


It was so beautiful there were professional photographers all set up to capture the color and water. 

The second waterfall I wanted to see was Agnes Vaile waterfall.  We could not find the access for the hike up to see it.  Only later when I had cell connection did I find out this was the location of the tragic rockslide that killed five members of a family this summer.  The area has been closed, perhaps permanently as it should be. 

Back on Hwy 24 we headed to our campsite on O’Haver Lake  located south of Poncha Springs.  To get here it took winding up a sandy, bumpy road  but oh was it worth it.   When we arrived, we were driving around the lake to decide which spot to camp—most were empty.  The Camp Host happened to be out and we asked if No 32 was available.  She said, “Snag it.  It is the most requested camp spot in Colorado.” It is nearly perfect.

Here are a couple pictures.




And, as the sun went down.


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