Wednesday, August 13, 2014

USPS delivers

What happens when a GPS is out of date?  You find your little car indicator off the road sitting in a field.  At least that’s what has been happening with ours lately.  I think the unit must be at least six years old. 

What to do but give EBay a look.  Turns out there is a company in the state of Washington that has reconditioned Garmin GPS units.  A Garmin Nuvi 40 LM 4.3" Portable GPS w/ Lifetime Maps to be exact.  Cost – $55, free shipping.  I ordered it and signed up for USPS tracking.

Here is  the trail.  The seller used USPS Priority Mail.  Even though I might be a little prejudice since I was a rural carrier for 30 years, this is impressive.  And,  by signing up, I received an email at each scan location.  There is no way “brown” can do this better.

USPS Label 1

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