Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Class of ‘64 DCCHS (Chapman High School)


I don’t think we look like we’re 50 years past our graduation day, do you?  We were the first year of Baby Boomers.  Previous years had class numbers in the 80s.  Ours was 127. 

I haven’t counted the picture, but I think there were around 68 class members in attendance.  We met at the American Legion right in Chapman starting on Friday evening and ending late Saturday evening.

We have lost 23 of our graduates.  As a dedication to their memory, we released balloons with their names into a beautiful evening sunset.  Unbelievably, all the balloons stayed together as they floated off.  It was a simple, yet meaningful remembrance

As might be expected, small groups form.    We all attended the one room elementary school, Acker.


The four of us went all eight grades together – 1st through 8th.  Deanne and Carolyn were with us for a few years as well.  The two guys are twins. 

I always come away with regret at these kinds of gatherings.  It is hard to visit for any length of time with each person there.  Consequently, I missed talking with some I  looked forward to seeing.  Thanks to the planning committee, we each received a booklet with up-to-date addresses and email as well as a paragraph or two about ourselves. 

We are a diversified bunch with people scattered all over, including both coasts.  As might be expected in a rural community, we have farmers, carrying on their family’s tradition.  Actually, many of our graduates still live in the community.  It’s a good area with Midwestern values.  A good place to raise a family.  Both of Dan’s parents, all of his and my brothers and now my nieces and nephews are alumni of DCCHS (Dickinson County Community High School) now Chapman High School.

There was a lot of Irish Pride last weekend.  Rightfully so.  We are the great C’64.

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