Friday, April 18, 2014

Worrisome detail complete

Most years the months of May and June are wet, sometimes cool.  Then the heat of July springs the hot weather native grasses in our pasture around our house into action.  Last summer, however, we had a dryer June.  When the native grass seemed to be suffering due to the conditions, neighbor Mark thought it best to roll up the hay before it lost quality.

Then, we had some nice rains.  Consequently, this spring, the pasture around our house had a lot of dry growth from last year.  It needed to be burned. 

Burning is always a stressful time for me.  Since our house is in the middle of the pasture, the fire is all around us.  There is no cause for alarm in burning the house.  We have plenty of green grass.  It is our big pine trees I worry about.  All the dry needles under them love to burn and it just takes seconds for the fire to jump up into the trees.  We lost one of them to fire years ago.  

As of yesterday afternoon, the burning is over!  It was a successful burn.  We had help and it went fast, said with a sigh of relief.

This morning, there was a pretty scene behind the house.  The black ground was catching and warming with the sun but the air was nearly freezing.  With the grass gone, the parade of deer was visible.   We’re now ready for full fledged spring and summer.


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