Sunday, March 09, 2014

Day Two New Orleans Who was at the Zoo?


We visited two zoos on our honeymoon and haven’t passed one since.  We always take every opportunity to ask locals what we should see in their city and  all we asked here in New Orleans confirmed our decision to spend a day at the zoo.

It happens today was also the 11th annual Soul Fest at the zoo.  The news just said there were 20,000 visitors to hear the seven soul bands.  We arrived early and enjoyed the first couple bands while eating selections from local restaurants and caterers.  I had Seafood Gumbo from Pearl’s Catering and Dan had Crawfish Boudin Balls and fries from Down Home Creole Cooking.  The music drifted throughout the zoo the remainder of our visit.

This is a well designed zoo.  There was a great swamp exhibit as we expected.  Of course it is  always fun to watch these…


and these


But, the most astounding moment at the zoo was when we, literally, bumped in to our neighbors!  They are in New Orleans visiting their grandson along with their son and daughter-in-law.  Their younger son and his girlfriend had also flown in from New York City.  We had no idea they were all going be in NO.  I can still hardly believe we saw them, especially on a day when there were so many people there.  Small world.


We left the zoo around 3:30.  With a little time left for something new, we decided to cook fresh seafood ourselves.  There is a “strip” of businesses selling fresh seafood about 1/4 mile from the State Park where we are staying.  We arrived home with four pounds of shrimp and twelve bottles of beer.  Thank goodness for the beers  because it took about 1 1/2 hours to clean and devein the shrimp.  Our own creation of Scrimp Scampi was definitely worth it. 


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Kirsten Price said...

Yummy! I'm so jealous of your fresh seafood!