Saturday, March 15, 2014

Apalachicola – Love the name and town

The magazine article said Apalachicola is one of the last cities that has retained much of its old Florida atmosphere.  No high rise hotels, no casinos, just small home town shops and restaurants.  Since we were late getting into town, we stopped at the first restaurant we came to.  It turned out to be a good choice.  Dan’s oysters were done to perfection.  We asked our waitress if there is a place we could park for the night.  Sure, she said.  So off we went to what they call the Battery. 

This morning I woke just in time to mosey out on the pier for a few sunrise pictures.  I took a bunch, but this is my favorite.


This gull must have thought there was sure to be something good come out of the Trekker.  And there was, Dan found some bread.


We explored Apalachicola finding beautiful homes and cottages.  We toured the Maritime Museum finding it well done and informative.  We learned around the turn of the century, the oyster beds were decimated by overharvesting.  Since, they have  harvested the same as was done for the past century and the beds are flourishing.

Since it is Saturday, no boats were going out, but this is how they lookIMG_0892   This is their tool for bringing the oysters up from the bottom.  It works like a scissor. 

IMG_0890 The rich water coming down the Apalachicola River mixes with the brine of the ocean to make a perfect breeding ground for the oysters.

We then crossed a four mile bridge to St Joseph Island.  It too is a beautiful laid back place—no high rise hotels.  I fixed the vegetables we picked up from the Farmers Market.  Then, finally, we spent a couple hours sitting on the beach.  Just enjoying the wind and waves.  I also got to fly my new kite—a butterfly.  Dan is holding on while I snap a picture. 


Love this kite.

IMG_0912Sadly, we turned the van toward the west today.  First, we are heading  north to Alabama to visit Dan’s nieces first.

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