Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Andrew, Dan & Linda in the French Quarter

Spring 2010 trip 024

In my hair’s defense, it rained nearly the entire time we were with Andrew Jackson in the French Quarter today.  We saved the main reason most come to New Orleans for the last day.  Even with the rain, we were surprised and even impressed with this famous area. 

We were able to squeeze the Trekker into a regular parking space only a few blocks from the Quarter and headed straight for this historical landmark:

Spring 2010 trip 005

Rather than wait in a long line for a table, we walked right up to the takeout and ate under our umbrella in Jackson Square.  The beignets were warm and oh so tasty.

Here is the classic photo of Jackson Square.  It is beautiful, but then probably everyone but us has already seen it.  This was taken from the River Walk so Andrew Jackson is pretty small there in the middle.P3100025

There is a Jean Lafitte National Park presence in the French Quarter which means a Ranger with information.  She suggested we might like the museum next to the cathedral where there are Katrina and Mardi Gras exhibits.  It took over an hour to move through the Katrina exhibit.  We had no idea of the extent of the devastation and how many Parishes were impacted.  There were computer graphics showing how the water moved when the various levis were compromised.   They had numerous first person interviews of how it was to be a part of it. 

The Mardi Gras exhibit was happier.  There is a huge amount of tradition involved in this celebration.  The area is home to a mix of nationalities and they all take the celebration very seriously.  There are even a costumed group who ride their horses into the city for the parade.

Spring 2010 trip 018 After the museum we walked around the familiar streets.  Despite the almost steady rain, people were out, doing what they do on Bourbon Street.  People our age are in the minority.  Probably because most our age don’t want to get a huge, sweet alcoholic drink and carry it up and down the streets.


So, the debate became, where to eat.  Everyone says there is no bad place to eat in the Quarter.   Still, I wanted to find the Grocery Store that sells the original Muffuletta.

Spring 2010 trip 020 This picture does not do this sandwich justice.  It is absolutely huge.  It is dressed with chopped olives and other unknown delicious things.  Dan and I purchased one and ate it for lunch and supper.  There is a small little counter to eat at in the back of the store. 

So at 3:30 pm we said goodbye to New Orleans and started moving east along the Gulf coast, unfortunately, still in the rain.  What beautiful white sand beaches!  In Mississippi, Hwy 90 runs right along the edge of the beaches for miles.  Right now we are in the Gulf Islands National Seashore  Park near Pascagoula MS.  Tomorrow we may go back toward Biloxi to visit a lighthouse and the Jefferson Davis home. 

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