Thursday, November 14, 2013


Our insurance man came by yesterday morning.  He wanted to go over our “Farm Policy.”  I don’t know how many acres it takes to have to carry a farm policy, but we must have the minimum. 

It was during this conversation that we learned our insurance for 2014 has raised $800.  We were shocked. 

Still, maybe it isn’t too surprising our insurance has increased.  Just the homes lost in the Colorado fires is staggering, let alone the east coast.  It seems there is one natural disaster after another. 

We told our guy to look around.  We’ve been with Allied.  We had one hail episode and that company was impressive with their speed and cutting a check. 

I know insurance is necessary, but it certainly takes a chunk out of our monthly income.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


November 12, 2013

This is actually about November 9, 1970-- the day our first baby, Kimberly, was born.  A petite energetic girl.

Kim on her first day of school.  This is such a cute picture.  Since she was born on an even year, it isn’t hard to figure how old she was last Saturday.  This was taken at a house we built and sold two years after this picture was taken.


Here is another picture of Kim—and the rest of us.  I had to put this one up too just so those who know our place can marvel how barren it looks in this picture. 


This is a picture taken about the same place.  It is Kim and her family two years ago.  Growth, changes but still beautiful!