Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Looks like a cold snowy winter


This is a persimmon.  We have several trees, male and female.  They all like each other because we always have lots of fruit. (Seriously, there must be male and female trees for fruit) We are lucky to find ripe persimmons.   The raccoons and possums love them dearly and grab them up as soon as they are juicy.

In November, 2006, we made persimmon jam.  I think we ended up throwing most of it away.  We probably need to try again using just the juice and make jelly. 

The picture shows the inside of one of the seeds.  It is quite obviously a spoon—or shovel.  This means our winter will be cold with lots of snow.  Had the inside revealed a fork or rake, we could look forward to a mild winter. 

I can’t believe the local television weathermen don’t know this important information.  It would save them so much speculation.

Thank you, Kim, for the picture.