Thursday, October 24, 2013

Quick 180

One hundred eighty miles is the round trip from home to Chapman.  We made a quick round trip tonight to attend the visitation of my Dad’s first cousin.  She was 90.

Of course my Dad & Mom have passed, he would be 105, Mom 98.  Sadly, we are losing that generation. 

There are lots of relatives in the rural community where Dan and I grew up.  Around 150 years ago, immigrants from Switzerland settled in the area.  Both Dan and I have that background. 

We were reminiscing about family tonight when another cousin mentioned how my Dad pronounced her name.  When she said it, it sounded just like Dad.  Many in Dad’s generation had a distinctive way of talking. Probably a result of their younger years in homes that still spoke the Swiss “Low German” language.   Great memories.

When we left Chapman, we drove all the way to Junction City on Old 40 Hwy.  We talked about how much fun it would be to drive the old highway across the country, staying on the old road as much as possible.   The Wikipedia site linked above would be a good resource but even better would be our old 1950’s US map.  Maybe we’ll drive at least part of it one of these times.   Now, that would be a “bloggable”  trip.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


We are like birds around here, especially when it comes to waking up in the mornings. For the past week or so, the clock is slipping closer to 7:30 when we finally stagger to the kitchen. I have the auto perk on the coffee pot set to complete by 6:20 am. In a week, when daylight savings drops out, we will reset--guess I won't change the auto perk on the coffee pot.

When we change the clock each fall, I finally have to admit colder weather is going to be the norm. There is a "hard" freeze forecast for this week. We winterized the camper today which is a relief. I think we make that task more of an ordeal than it needs to be, blowing all the water out of the lines with air pressure before sucking in the antifreeze. (Don't get the wrong visual--it involves one end of a tube in a bottle of anti freeze and the other end hooked into the RV water pump) Better safe than sorry, I guess. The thought of replacing any of the plumbing in those highly engineered RVs always scares us to the side of extra precaution.

I finally got the last of my plants inside. I leave most of them in pots so it is a matter of lugging them in. I repotted the fig tree this fall. It might have to find a permanent home. It is now officially too big to move out and in. We barely got it in the house with a dolly. I asked Dan if it is as big as a refrigerator and he thought it was—well almost.

The aloe vera is also huge, but it isn't as heavy. I repotted it last spring as well. I literally cut off all the "babies" that were growing from the roots and planted them in the garden. They all lived. So I've been pushing aloe vera plants on to anyone who acts even close to being interested.

The poinsettias are on the sun porch. I completely forgot and flipped on the light when I went out there a little bit ago. I've had good luck in the past getting them to make the red leaves by the natural day/night sequence on the porch. I try to keep it as dark as possible at night, though. I might have to cover the switch with tape.

The front deck is still not complete. The "hang up" has been the fill dirt we need underneath. Today our good neighbor Tom came over with his Bobcat and spread the load of dirt around the house, including under the deck. No excuses now.