Monday, October 07, 2013

Aspens match beautiful day

We followed the Arkansas and Rio Grande Rivers. They were flowing strong but well within their banks.  Lots of fishermen taking advantage of the weather.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Snow and Gymnastics

Thursday morning of last week was warm.  I packed mostly short sleeved shirts and shorts for our trip to Colorado.  Western Kansas had low clouds with small sun holes which made for interesting wind turbines.


The higher we went the colder it got.  Friday morning Trent and Carly left for school with coats and snow.


There was more than weather this weekend, though.  We brought a few car parts for Doug so we unloaded that trailer.   Speaking of trailers, Doug and Drue purchased a little camping trailer this weekend so we helped with winterizing and cleaning.  I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture.

Today was the real reason we came to Colorado.  Trent played a Lacrosse game this afternoon.  I was sorry to miss it because I’ve never seen  Lacrosse.  Dan said it was fun to watch.  Especially since Trent made a score.  I didn’t get any pictures because Drue and I were at Carly’s gymnastics meet in Denver. 


It was a fun meet for the girls.  It had a princess theme.  All the judges were dressed up in princess costumes and each of the girls received a tiara.  Carly was third overall in her age group.  She did an excellent job.  Her team was first overall as well so there was excitement all around. 

We thought we were leaving for home tomorrow.  However, there will be a detour to New Mexico.  More on that next time.