Saturday, August 10, 2013


It’s August and we have mushrooms popping up like it’s spring!

These were just west of our house this morning.


There was somewhat of a “fairy ring” but not as pronounced as in the pasture.


The biggest in the pasture must have been at least six inches across although it doesn’t look that big in this picture.


Interesting to see the underside.  I am fairly sure these can be eaten. 


Thursday, August 08, 2013

Taking turns on the jig saw

Searching around on Pinterest  for a project for Adam, I found one I liked enough to join him in the shop.  It helps to have Dan right there to flip on the joiner, planer, etc and get the material ready.  We did the jig sawing though.  Here is Adam’s almost complete project.  It needs two Shaker pegs.  The little spot on the edge is the test for the finish.


After homemade pizza, we took off for the west side of Topeka for a round of miniature golf.  (Adam won, with Dan a close second—we won’t mention my score).

photo (13) 

It’s been a fun three days.  We are glad to were able to spend time with Trent & Carly earlier this summer as well.  They are all wonderful kids.  We are proud of them all.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Hanging out with grandkids

Here it is, the last week before school starts.  We have hardly seen the grandkids this summer.  Aaron and Adam are old enough to be responsible so they are in charge of Evan most of the time.

We thought we would take one day for each of the grandkids before they go back to school, though.  Adam’s turn is tomorrow so his picture will be then. 

Evan came on Tuesday.  This was our first paper mache project.  All we had were water balloons so they made odd shapes.  So what did we made with these shapes?

photo (11)

Fruit, of course.  That and a hot dog.  Here is Even with the bird house he and Dan made in the shop.  In between all of that, we went to Overbrook and swam in the city pool. 


Today was Aaron’s turn.  He and Dan made a project in the shop.  The finish is still drying so will show it tomorrow.  Sushi is Aaron’s favorite meal, so we had that for lunch.  Then this afternoon, we worked on what may be his future school truck.  It needs a few things done, but looks pretty good for a ‘72.  (Of course, that cover will have to come off the back—lame)