Thursday, August 01, 2013

North Fork of the White River

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We have floated this river many times over the years (and you’ve read about it here), but this year was unique and fun so hope you’ll stay with me. 

We floated Monday and Tuesday of this week, but Dan and I decided to enjoy a little wine and BBQ on Saturday before.  It was the Berries and BBQ Wine Trail at Hermann, Missouri.  I’ll write about that another time along with several of our favorite recipes.

Sunday we took our time getting out of Hermann by eating breakfast at our favorite breakfast place, then making our way south from the Missouri River to the White.  We were hopeful the green fields along the way meant more rain and higher water on the river.  We were right.   The river was about six inches higher, according to Justin, who along with Amy, are the owners of Sunburst Ranch.

Sunburst sits right next to the river where humidity is high and there is no wind to blow the heat away.   Several years ago, we were there with no air conditioning.  We swore never again.  Just to illustrate how beautiful it was on Sunday when we arrived,  we didn’t even turn on the air conditioning in our camper.  We rummaged around for jackets in the evening.

The was sun shining and spirits were high on Monday morning.  Quickly, though, clouds came in giving us a false sense of not needing sun screen but making a lovely float day.  A short time into the float Mike (and Karen) spotted a Eagle in the tree overhead.  Seeing the Eagle was a bonus.  Turtles, crawdads and Egrets are the regulars.

Dan and I did not spill.  We had a close call when we came down through the biggest rapids on the river at the wrong place.  Thankfully, the river was high enough that it carried us on through. 

Thanks to my camera, I took a spill outside of the boat. I thought it would be a great picture of two of the young people on the float coming into the shore.  Seconds after I took the picture, I was down in the water—cold, cold water, we just passed a spring—because the current carried their canoe into me.  In the confusion, Dan rushed to grab their canoe because they couldn’t paddle because I was in their way.  Somehow, they then caught the rushing water and their canoe tipped.  No one hurt, lots of laughs.

Tuesday we woke to rain.  Waiting until noon to float the shorter second part of the two day float seemed like a good idea.  At noon, we were on the river and the prospect of sun was high.  Only, another front moved in with rain.  It was great, though, warm enough that I never got cold in my t-shirt.  The river was running swift from the previous night’s rain so we had the luxury of letting it take us with no help from our paddles.  I was sorry to see the big bridge, the marker for the take out point below. 

We arrived back at Sunburst in full sunlight.  We draped wet clothes over everything and started the charcoal for grilled shrimp.  Dan’s crawdads from Petit’s were joined by others the kids found by the campground.  Later in the evening, they brought them boiled and ready to eat.

I am posting the link above to the pictures this time, rather than a embedded slide show. 

Good times!