Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Yep, I’m still here

I think of sitting down to write something for here off and on each day.  Things are pretty dull around here, though.  Just to prove it, here’s my day today.

Three loads of clothes on the line to dry, scrub the floor, water the tomatoes and geraniums, make some burritos, pay bills….see, not much going on.

There is a little situation with the electric lines into our house, though.  About four days ago, Dan noticed the line crossing from the post at the edge of the pasture to the post by our house was hanging low.  And, it is even lower now.  Kaw Valley Electric was out today to check everything.  They left without doing anything.  I am wondering if the whole line might need to be replaced. 

It was after dark when neighbor Tom came by with some sweet corn.  And, around 9:30 pm here came our friend Phillip with at least three dozen more.  Beautiful ears.  We are thankful for the corn, because our corn patch did not receive any water this year. We decided it would be cheaper to buy corn at the Farmer’s Market than to water it.  It tasseled, but without rain, the ears did not fill.  Dan mowed it tonight.  Tomorrow morning it will be corn freezing.  Dan is helping his brother catch up on his trim work so my company while I’m working on it will be a BOT called “The Castaways.” by Elin Hilderbrand.  It’s a good story for hot summer days. 

Stay with me, though.  There might be something more exciting in the near future.