Saturday, June 01, 2013

Carly’s Gymnastic Meet

Yes, we’re back in Colorado.  This time we made the trip to see Carly in her last gymnastic meet of the season.  Her club is called Sundance and is located only about five minutes from their house.  The girls do a great job—well enough for her team to win first in the meet!

I made a video of her floor routine and don’t have the program to edit it with me so will have to do that when we get home.  She placed in the nines in all but one, the beam.  And, the only reason she didn’t place better in the beam is that she mounted from the wrong side. 

IMG_3308-1 Carly is fourth back.



Fifth overall in her age group!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Moab–Now and Then

photo (6)_3

Doug, Drue, Trent & Carly May 2013

photo (6)

Carly, May 2013


Moab 077

Doug & Drue, May 2004

Moab 131

Doug & Trent May 2004


Moab 135

Trent, Drue, Aaron, Kim & Adam May 2004

The 2013 pictures were taken by Doug & Drue while on vacation several weeks ago.  The lower pictures were taken while our family visited Moab for several days in 2004.  Drue must have been pregnant with Carly at the time.  I included the 2004 picture of Doug on his bike because little baby Trent in the lower pictures biked Slippery Rock Trail with Doug this year.  Fun times!