Thursday, May 23, 2013

Catching up on a few things

Happy 14th Birthday, Aaron. 


Last week, long time friends, Sue, Jeanne and I had a leisurely lunch at the Yard House at the Legends near Cabala's in Kansas City KS.  These wheat heads at one of the entrances at the Legends shopping center caught my eye.  They look so much like heads of wheat in a field swaying in the wind.


Several weeks ago, our crazy cat brought a bunny into the basement through the kitty door.  She didn’t kill it, though.  So, Dan has been feeding the little one.  I think the weather is warm enough to put him back out into the field.  P5220018

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Phoebe is creative

We were loading straw today when Dan spotted a most unlikely place for a Phoebe nest.


At the time we saw it, there were three babies.  The momma was off to the side chirping but didn’t seem alarmed.  I didn’t have my camera so we went back this evening.   There was one baby on the ground, no others. 


We picked up the baby and put it back in the nest.  I’m not sure the momma will accept it since we touched it.  We’ll see tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Floor project

I mentioned several days ago we were busy with a floor project. 



When Dan taught junior high woodworking in the early 70’s, he started collecting pieces of walnut.  Then several years ago, we found  a large sell off of walnut lumber in Kansas City.  After that, his collection of walnut became unmanageable.  It was time to do something with it. 

I saw this star somewhere and asked if he could duplicate it.  I think he did a beautiful job using different woods for the color.  He has spent a good deal of the winter running the wood through the planer, sanding and cutting tongue and groove edges as well as making the star.  Then we laid it, sanded and finished.  It is hard to capture a good picture of the color.   The first picture makes it look too red.  The second is closer to the overall color.  Looking closely in the first picture, you will see it has random widths. 

I’m excited to have the floor complete and I think Dan did a wonderful job.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Imagine the worst

All of us here in Kansas and the Midwest, expect tornadoes and severe weather.  Most of the time, it blows over with little or no damage or in an open field.

There’s always the thought of, “What if that huge storm would hit a stadium full of people, or like my brother and his wife, in an auditorium listening to a graduation speech.

This time it fulfilled the nightmare in Oklahoma City.