Saturday, May 18, 2013

May–one crazy month

Where do I start?

Since I last wrote, there is Aaron’s orchestra concert, garden, floor, reunions.  Other than the floor, the biggest time consumption in May—and part of April—was research concerning this.

Pleasure Way 05-13-13

We love our pickup camper.  I can prove it by how many pictures I have taken of it, this one is from the Alaska trip.


So, if we love it so much, why are we looking like Cheshire cats in front of the Pleasure Way Class B motor home. 

Probably the most important reason was that I was becoming increasingly concerned that one of us might take a dive coming out the back door.  The steps could be fairly steep depending on where we park.  There is no railing.  It has been a delight to have the camper on the back of a 4-wheel drive pickup.  We have stayed in beautiful, remote places.  We will miss that aspect of it. 

About two months ago, I started looking at what was available in older van conversion RVs.  (Many will remember we have previously owned a Roadtrek).  This one showed up several weeks ago.  One owner, always stored inside, right at 30,000 miles and it is a 2003.  Thus, our flying trip to Boulder.  It is in beautiful shape for a ten-year-old vehicle. 

Sadly, our pickup camper is going up for sale as soon as we upgrade the little countertop in it—hopefully in the next two weeks.  I’ll post pictures.

The picture of us was taken in Boulder Colorado at 1:30pm last Monday, after we drove since 5:15 am to get there.  Then Dan drove the RV and I followed in the car back to Burlington, Colorado—over 12 hours of driving.  We’re getting too old for this crazy stuff.  But, we slept wonderfully at the Colorado Welcome Center at Burlington and arrived home around 4:30 pm—enough time to clean up and make it to Aaron’s orchestra concert.