Friday, March 22, 2013

Experimenting with movies

 The Wildlife and Parks burned south of our house yesterday. I made a short movie of the crazy smoke rolls and now am experimenting on ways to post to the blog. Yesterday I used YouTube for the snow, but I didn't see it open on my Apple phone. So, I am using another program.

We didn't burn our pasture. It is early for grass. I believe the  KWP are burning early to get better control of the brush.

Note after evaluation:

Well, I'm not sure I like this way of posting a movie either.  The YouTube movie did show up on my phone, I didn't wait long enough.  I also notice I didn't remove the audio!  Sorry about that.  The only way I can hear audio on my computer is through ear phones & I must not have put them on when making the snow movie. Actually, I'm not sure how many of these movies I will put on here.  I like still pictures better.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Red Shouldered Hawk and Turkey Vultures

The Turkey Vultures aka Buzzards are back.  Dan spotted one last Thursday, March 14.  This morning I saw two soaring over the valley.    As you know, they are my favorites. They just seem to enjoy life:  soaring on wind currents, sitting on fence posts, eating……

Previous first sightings are as follows:  2012 – March 2 / 2011 – March 17 /2010 – no record /2009 – March 12 / 2008 – March 20.  Definitely they are within the usual time.  The mild winter might explain the early sighting last year.

This afternoon we saw a Red Shouldered Hawk.


It was sitting on one of the posts we have in the garden.  We don’t remember having seen one before, although, with a little research, I find they are common in our area of Kansas and south.  One interesting fact is they can become quite tame if not threatened.  Perhaps that explains why it was comfortable so close to the house. 

This map shows their territory.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Baseball to snowball

Our neighbor’s son, Riley plays for the Washburn University baseball team as a DH.   Washburn played Emporia State, where Dan graduated and I received an associate degree.  We don’t often have an opportunity to watch either school play sports.  It was a single nine inning game.  Washburn won 6 – 4.

It was a nice day to watch the game—sunny and not too cool.  Because we were in Emporia and couldn’t resist, we had a Braum’s ice cream cone afterward.

Here’s Riley at bat.



Fast forward a couple days.  We could have thrown snowballs this afternoon.  It was gone by evening.