Saturday, March 02, 2013

75 degrees and clothes on the line…


No, we’re home.  I’m talking about the basement. 

I have two retractable clotheslines in the basement.  There is space for any size load of laundry and I hang most of it down there to dry.  I realize retirement allows me extra time to do this, although I am not sure how much longer it takes if folding time is considered.  Definitely it works best when there is a fire in the stove. 

My reasoning is the wet clothes put moisture in the house.  I am not pulling warm air out of the house using the dryer. 

One drawback.  The clothes are stiff as a board.  We’re used to it. 

What do you think of the window?  Last year we had to replace the two double hung windows there.  Since we never opened the windows, Dan had the idea to buy an inexpensive single exterior sliding glass door and install it sideways.  It provides lots of light—works great.

Friday, March 01, 2013

New computer adjustments

We did a little computer switcharoo around here today. 

We’re PC people here so I’ve got a new Windows 7.  Dan is now using my old Vista.  He was using an old XP which was so slow I don’t know how he had the patience.  The Vista actually was doing OK, but I needed more memory.  I decided on not getting Windows 8.  I understand that program works best with a touch screen.  I did not want to buy new monitors.

I need more memory because from the time Kim started junior high until both Kim and Doug were married, we recorded many of their activities with a camera that copied directly on to VHS tapes.  Unfortunately, we weren’t too organized with how we did it.  So, we have tapes with one segment and nothing else.  Or, we skip around, going from Christmas to dog playing in the yard on the same tape.

Our plan is to ship all these tapes off to get them digitalized and then organized them in the computer.  That is why I need more memory.  Movie files are big.  I have two terabytes on this thing!  That should do it.

What brand did I buy?  Don’t know.  A friend built it for me.  I look for it to last a long time.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Birds and flowers in the snow—sort of

Round 2 has arrived in all its glory.  So have my geraniums and Christmas cactus. The birds are waiting for Dan’s generous gift of sunflower seeds.


So that you know this isn’t a photoshop, here is another picture of the geranium my friend Sue gave me spring, 2012 taken in front of the basement window this morning.


The cactus surprised me.  I thought it was done for the season!


Finally, this geranium has been around for several years.  It just loves this south window in the winter.

IMG_2872 8x10

Monday, February 25, 2013

And, it begins. Take a look

It is 2:12 pm and the snow begins.  The storm carries a lot of hype—we’ll see

Which is a perfect lead in to an excellent State of Kansas, Department of Transportation web site I found recently.  The picture below is a screen shot of the web site with the camera at BETO Junction which is about 40 miles south on Hwy 75.  I chose this camera because the storm is moving our way from this direction.

If you look closely, the camera time says 2:13:53pm.  So the pictures are almost real time pictures of what is going on across Kansas.  Each place there is a little camera on the map, there is a web shot.  Some of them are positioned under lights so there are night shots as well.

Kansas Cameras 

Click here for the web site and bookmark or save it to your home screen if you are as  curious about actual weather conditions as I am. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Thunder snow and Round One

Even with the severity, beauty and measurement,  the most talked about happening in the recent storm was thunder.  It was unexpected and exciting, definitely a crack and a “pop.”  It was close, but I didn’t realize how close until I discovered no internet later.  Glad it was only the internet and not the computer.

Here is the picture I texted friends Dwight and Cheryl wondering how the weather was in the Keys where they are parked in their RV.  Cheryl responded 72 and sunny. 


Friday morning was lovely.  I considered pulling on my snow gear and tromping around for some good shots.  Instead, I shot out of windows and doors. 



Later in the day we took the ole Rickster out for a little ride around the backroads just for old times sake. 


On another note, I like the ability to text message.  It works great to communicate a thought.  I don’t think Kim will mind me sharing our communication this morning.

Kim:  Ready for round 2?

Thinking she was talking about coming down to visit this afternoon, I respond

Linda:  You bet!!

Sometime around 3:30, it dawns on me….

She was talking about round 2 storm.  I called her and we had a laugh.  The answer is still the same.  You bet, we are ready for round 2.