Thursday, February 21, 2013

Phoenix friends asking, What is this stuff?”

snow 002

Friends Kay & Lynn in Phoenix sent several pictures, including this one.  Since they were born and raised in Kansas, they certainly know snow.   

I think this is Superstition Mountain.  It is near where they live.  I wanted to share the picture because how often is there a snow picture with palm trees.

Funny thing is, Phoenix has snow, we still do not have anything.  We’ll see—I’m ready.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Snow in the Forecast


Firewood stacked by stove              check

Snow shovel located & handy         check

Comfort food stocked                       check

Generator gassed up                         check

Electronics charged                           check

Sleds ready                                          check

Have I forgotten anything?  It looks like we’ve got a good one one the way!  No complaints here, I think we’re ready.

That Darn Cat

Laura the feral cat is still our only pet.  She is supposed to never be in the main part of the house because Kim and Aaron are allergic to cats.  If she isn’t outside sneaking around for mice or whatever, she is up in the rafters of Dan’s woodshop.

Once in a while, she sneaks in.  She knows better than to go upstairs.  There’s the evil fly swatter up there. 

This afternoon the wood stove was chugging out the heat.  Look who found her way in to doze underneath.


Monday, February 18, 2013

Sycamore Tree

These winter days are too nice to spend inside so we were out again today.  Only this time we were on the ATV, which meant we covered more territory.  That’s how we ended up three miles up river where we found a huge Sycamore tree.

The Sycamore tree is native to North America.  It is often found by rivers and can grow to tremendous size.  In 1770 George Washington recorded a Sycamore nearly 45 feet in circumference at 3 feet (91 cm) from the ground.  I didn’t know that Sycamore trees are only in eastern Kansas.


This picture is looking up into the tree


This is a better perspective of the trunk


We might have to slip back down and measure to see how it stacks up with George’s.