Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ice, Snow and Solstice

The first significant snow of the season lived up to it’s forecast.  Unofficially,  I would say we received four to five inches.  It was beautiful this morning, although a little dangerous to walk around because of the sheet of ice underneath.  Our new gravel gave us all the traction we needed—perfect timing getting that done.

I am excited because the days getting longer.  Because of the tilt of the earth and other scientific situations I don’t understand, the days are already longer at night even though sunrise is later in the morning.   Here are the sunrise and sunset times in December/early January.  Actually, the earliest sunset was December 1st and the latest sunrise will be January 1st. 


The sun finally peeked out late this afternoon.  Around sunset I slipped (literally) out to take a picture. 


While I had the camera on the tripod, I snapped this picture of our tree—complete with a bear watching over it.  (Christmas gift from Colorado family about 10 years ago)


I am compiling a “things to do” list for tomorrow.  High on it is to wrap gifts, make peanut brittle, and clean the house.  I already received my Christmas gift from Dan.  I plan on using it tomorrow—will report how it works.

Meanwhile, here is a little cartoon I picked up somewhere that made me smile, and I hope it does you as well.


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