Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Cards

I’ve been busy assembling Christmas cards—that is actually making cards. 

Last year after Christmas, I found blank cards and envelopes marked down half price.  I put them away thinking I would use them for Christmas cards this year, which is what I am now doing.   It has turned out to be quite a project—an assembly line for Christmas cards.

This afternoon, Dan helped which really made a difference.  The paper cutter is enough like a miter saw that he made quick work of cutting little pieces of paper.  In no time at all, we had 25 cards completed and all the parts for 25 more. 

I haven’t written a duplicated note to include in the card.   I am now starting to address out-of-town friends that might enjoy something more than a few handwritten lines. However, this blog is about as detailed about our life.  And, most know how to find it.  I’ll see.

Right now I’m yawning and my eyes are drooping.  I’ll work on these cards tomorrow.

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