Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thrift Store Visit

This morning when we rolled out of bed with the sound of thunder and coffee perking, I thought it would be the excitement for the day.  My plans were to make the Thanksgiving menu and work on a sewing project I have in mind for Christmas presents.  Not entirely boring, but certainly not an adventure.

That’s when neighbor Peggy texted me wondering if I ever found out the name of the antique mall in Kansas City that I had heard was upscale.  Yes, I said.  It is the Mission Road Antique Mall.  Would I like to ride along to check it out?  Sure, I said.  Dan declined, sensing possible shopping.

The Mission Road Mall is indeed upscale.  It is well laid out, clean and from what I could tell from my limited knowledge of old stuff, full of legitimate antiques.  Thankfully, I had dressed up a little because there were people shopping there that looked fabulous ie worked out all morning, ate salad for lunch, then threw on a little leather and high heels and headed for the antique mall. 

Next we decided to check out Savers.  If you haven’t heard, this is a chain thrift store.  Now, I am feeling a little more in my element—still old stuff, but more in my price range and a nice store.  We probably were in there too long (didn’t get home until 6:30) but we both had a great time.  Of course, clothes shopping is always a long process in a thrift store because there are no two things alike.  But there were also books, movies, toys, purses—yes, purses!  Bunches of purses. 

I guess according to the link above, there is a little controversy about the non-profit business model of Savers.  As I understand—and, I might not have it right—they buy from other non profits making money off of the purchases.  That is profit made to the business and the donations are what is paid to the non profits that bring in used goods.  Still, it does seem like a service to me. 

What did I end up buying?  A purse, of course.  (It’s really a simple little cheap bag)  Also, 2 puzzles for the kids to put together Thanksgiving Day, a drawing book for any one who might want to look at it and a warm red sweater. 

Great day for me.  Dan worked at his projects so not so much for him.  But he did accomplish several things and he didn’t feel left out.  Especially when I showed him the pair of shoes Peggy and I almost bought for him.



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