Thursday, July 11, 2013

Three back yard visitors—two welcome one not

Dan is definitely my best spotter for wildlife pictures.  He always has been able to see things I miss.  So, he was the one that spotted these important backyard visitors around 6:30 this morning.  We’ve heard quail calling this summer, but never thought we might spot them.   Exciting! 


The second visitor is really not a visitor at all.  Rather a member of the family.  Either this Phoebe or its parents/grandparents come back each year and occupy a nest under our back deck.  The clothesline is their base to check for clearance before flying into the nest.  We watch, first the parents, then the new babies dip their tails all summer.  From the looks of the fluffy feathers, this is either a young one or it has picked up the early morning dew. The tail was dipping when I clicked because it is a blur.


The last visitor is very unwelcome.  It looks like something from the grandkids’ movies.  These things hurt when they bite too.  Obviously, it is on the outside of the window otherwise it would have had an important meeting with my fly swatter. 



Pablo said...

Yeah, the horseflies do seem to be out a little early this year. (It's only the females that bite.)

Linda said...

Pablo, didn't know only females bite. I wonder if the same is true for those pesky deer flies as well.