Wednesday, July 17, 2013

First Beans canned

Each year when the first batch of beans are ready to be run through the canning process, I have to dig out my instruction books.  They are always in the same place and in the same folder.  I’ve added other, more modern information over the years.  But, all of it still has the same instructions for preparation and processing time.  I guess this information is one thing that has not changed:  Wash, rinse, stem, and rinse again the beans.  Wash jars and sterilize in boiling water.  Put beans in the jars with a little salt.  Boil lids.  Pour boiling water over the beans in the jars.  Put lids on the jars and process for 20 minutes (pints) 25 minutes (quart) at 10 lbs in a pressure canner. 


Here are the instruction books:


It is obvious they have been used a few times—many times.  The Home Freezing book on the left has a 1967 publish date and the Home Canning has a 1971 date.  I think it is safe to say these are the original instructions I used when I first preserved fruits and vegetables after we were married.

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