Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Black Forest Fire

Doug & Drue live in the Woodmoor area.  Cousins Sylvie & Mike live just south of the burn area. We often go to Fox Run Park when we visit.  The Red Cross has set up their help center in the high school where our grandkids would attend.  It is all very concerning.

Black Forest fire 2

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Tj said...

Bob left yesterday morning for Colorado with a friend. They were headed for Pitkin. When they got to Canyon City they were going to spend the night. They were told that the area might be evacuated. So they decided to go on south through Florence and then west further and back north and got to Salida on Hiways 50 and they spent the night there. They should be in Pitkin by now, have not talk to them yet today. I will continue to pray for all who live there and all the fire fighters who are battling the blazes. Love you all!