Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Birthday, a butterfly and an egg

It is a tradition that I post a picture of family member’s birthdays.  It is hard to believe Evan’s birthday has rolled around again.  Last year I posted a video of Evan beating his brothers to blowing out the candles on his cake.  Evan invited a friend over for the little party, so the brothers were on their best behavior. 


Can you tell that Evan loves his birthday.  

Our neighbor who does all our haying, etc has already put up our brome grass.   It will be a few weeks before he puts up the native grass.  So, we are enjoying the wildflowers for a while.  According to neighbor Chip, we have an unique growth of sullivants milkweed in our native grass—very much loved by all butterflies, especially Monarchs.



Of course, this is butterfly milkweed not sullivants and this is not a Monarch.  I love the orange colors in this picture, though.

Dan and I were putting around the pasture in the atv and came across this egg.  It was in a brome field so whatever was sitting on it was probably scared off.  If anyone knows what might have laid this egg, please let us know in the comments.  It is all white, no speckles.  It wasn’t broken. I was tempted but I thought maybe momma would come back. 


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