Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Yesterday was a banner day for finding moral mushrooms.  Take a look at this…


It must have been a perfect day because just about every place we looked, we found one or two.  Secret location #1 was definitely the best, though.  The weather is not cooperating right now (snow!) but, hopefully, when it warms up again we will get another batch.  Not one stock of asparagus has peeped above its lovely straw blanket—a good thing if we get the freezing temperatures in the forecast.  Maybe we’ll get more and bigger mushrooms later when the ground warms enough for the asparagus to start it’s spring growing cycle.  We’ve actually never figured out exactly when or what conditions creates mushrooms.  Just when we think we have it figured out, they surprise us.

Here are two very unusual mushrooms.  So far I’ve not had much luck identifying them.  Any help is appreciated.


The two pictures below are two different mushrooms, but I think they are the same species.




Anonymous said...

I can hear Doug retching now....

Anonymous said...

I bet those mushrooms taste about as good as a poopy flavored lollypop.