Saturday, December 15, 2012

Day in Kansas City

I’ve been trying to think how to write about Sue and my day in Kansas City yesterday.  We had so much fun.  It wasn’t until late in the day that we found out about the terrible tragedy in Connecticut.  It hardly seems right to post these cheery pictures when there is so much sadness.   I’ve been thinking of the families all day. 

I do want to chronicle our trip, though.  We planned it two weeks ago and I looked forward to it that long. 

First, we went to Trader Joe’s—the one on Ward Parkway.  There are two in Kansas City, but this one sells the 3 buck Chuck wine.  I bought the Cab Sav and have to say we think it’s pretty darn good.  Certainly not too sweet.  This is an interesting place to look around for sure.  I picked up several of their name brand items and am anxious to see how we like them.  The price is certainly right.

The lights were already on when we arrived at the Plaza.  Maybe they leave them on all the time or maybe it was because it was an overcast day.  But, we basically just walked around enjoying the Christmas cheer.   The picture below was taken in Hall’s near their extensive Christmas ornament display. 



IMG_2102-1 We considered riding, but decided to make that another trip.

IMG_2110-1 The windows reminded us of the downtown Kansas City in the 50’s.

IMG_2111-4x6 Another street view.

IMG_2116 We ate out on the plastic enclosed balcony at the Brio Tuscan Grille restaurant.  It would have been an hour wait for a table and really all we wanted was their lobster bisque soup and Bruschetta appetizer.  We literally lucked out with this table with a night view in the upstairs bar area.

IMG_2120 One last picture before we head for home. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Party Swedish Style

As I knew it would, everything came together Monday night.  I just finished lighting the individual votive candles at each plate when the first person arrived.  Now I could relax and enjoy the evening.

Since about half of our group have family ties to Sweden, we decided to make it the theme of the evening food.  Mary Beth also brought some of her collection of Dala horse’s, which she placed on a white runner over the red tablecloth. 

It all looked very cheery. Especially after we consumed Glogg, a combination of juices and wine served warm.

We decided to pass each dish while the person who brought it tell its history.  I did not take notes and I do not have Swedish heritage.  The result is I can’t remember the names of the dishes so I will describe them and that will bring memories to those who know.

We started with a plate of cheeses.  Then a two salads.  A delicious potato dish (not the cheesy kind), sausages, ham, meat balls, a rice pudding dish (could have only eaten this), rye bread and tea ring.  For dessert we had various cookies and a very interesting layered custard-like dish made with raw milk and Lingonberries.

We rounded out the meal with coffee and wine.  A fun evening of eating a leisurely meal and visiting.  And,  because of the meeting, we are enjoying a cheery Christmas house.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Once in our lifetime: 12th month, 12th year, 12:12 o’clock at the 12th second.



Not the best quality picture, but there are only two chances.  I was very nervous because I wasn’t sure my pressing the button & the camera taking the picture would happen right on the second.  I lucked out. 

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Chill out in our bathroom

Last week, when I was dragging out more and more Christmas treasurers, it dawned on me that an additional decorating area is the bathroom. 

I won’t post a picture, but I have a snowman shower curtain.  Well, actually there are multiple about three foot high snowmen across the curtain. 

I also have snowmen figurines that were given to me over a number of years by a thoughtful and sweet lady on my old mail route.  They fit perfectly on the back of the toilet.

Finally, I remembered the Christmas ice storm of 2007.  So, I’m having Walgreens make 5 x 7s of these three pictures for the wall. 

Maybe not a warm fuzzy feeling in a place where clothing is minimal.