Friday, November 23, 2012

Giving Thanks for Family and Food

I can’t say I was stressed about Thanksgiving dinner yesterday because I enjoy planning, precooking and then seeing all the last minute dishes come together.  It was nice, though,  to hear the knock announcing  Kim and Drue coming to help.  Then a little later Drue’s Mom brought in the makings for Mimosas.  That’s when the fun really started.


Wasn’t it a beautiful day?  The wind turned late in the day, but not before many footballs were thrown and we tramped around the pasture.  It was an extra nice Thanksgiving all around,  for me anyway.

Yes, we did do a little shopping this morning—in downtown Topeka.  We certainly did not fight any crowds.  In fact, it was fun and we supported local small businesses.  First, we stopped by Classic Bean for coffee and hot tea.   A few doors down the coffee went exceptionally well with  Hazel Hill Chocolate.  It was hard to make up our minds but we enjoyed a treat and brought some home.


Then it was on to Wolfe’s Camera, a long-time downtown business.  I never am disappointed looking around that store.  There are plenty of knowledgeable people to help with any camera or photo question.  A few things were checked off the gift list as well.

This afternoon Dan, Doug, Marc and Aaron cut wood.  And, from all reports a productive experience.  Might have been good that it was cooler today. 

Meanwhile, the rest of us made cut out, frosted cookies.  Those were so good we never did get around to eating left over pumpkin pie.  By the way, we learned anything containing cream cheese should be refrigerated, including frosted cookies.  There weren’t too many of our cookies left to worry about fitting in the refrigerator this time.

Then there was the soup.  I am saving that story for tomorrow.  I’ll just say our Friday soup supper is why I never discourage anyone from joining me in my kitchen! 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Turkey (1)_thumb[6] IMG_1914-2

Those who have followed me for a while know that I always put the same picture on my blog this day.  I’m adding a new one this year.  Not sure why I find the turkey hiding theme so funny. 

My turkey is baked, boned and in the refrigerator.  Our entire family will be here this year so I’m trying to get as much as possible out of the way so I can enjoy them. 

I’m also trying to have a “no can” Thanksgiving.  I think the green bean casserole will be great without the canned soup. However,  I’m caving  and using canned pumpkin.  Real cream instead of condensed milk, though.

I am feeling excited and very thankful this evening and know it will carry over for the weekend.  I’m hoping each of you are feeling the same.  Thank you for following along.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Be Safe

This ad has shown in the UK since 2010.  It is a very effective reminder.  (Thanks Chip for the heads up)

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Season

Is it the fall-like weather?  Or the fact we do not get a daily paper which also includes sale advertisements.  Or maybe it’s because I am especially looking forward to Thanksgiving.  For whatever reason I have not thought much about the Christmas Holidays. 

That is until tonight. 


Our friend and neighbor Stephanie and her daughters Rebecca and Rachel came by to borrow three eggs for Rebecca’s birthday cupcakes.  Since we recently purchased the Diet Sierra Mist Cranberry flavored soda,  I retrieved my Mom’s water glasses from the back of the top shelf.  Everyone seemed to enjoyed the low cal refreshing drink in the festive glasses.  

This is an example of the little things I enjoy about the Holidays.  A wonderful time of year and it’s time for the Season!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thanksgiving week

Random thoughts…..

We wondered sometime back in late September how long before we turn on the furnace this year.   Well, not yet.  The combination of cloudy day and low temperature when we are home is the key.  The sun is moving south so the south windows gather enough passive solar to do the job.  Now, I will admit that here in my office on the north side of the house, I have used one of those little ceramic space heaters once in a while.

Time to break out the disinfectant wipes.  There are bugs out there that want to play havoc with Thanksgiving plans.  I have a cold right now.   The one big thing I’ve learned in recent years is rather than cover my mouth with my hand, I should bring my arm up and cough & sneeze into the inside arm.  Simple yet makes so much sense. 

We attended a community Thanksgiving gathering at Clinton this evening.  An informal group of bluegrass musicians got everyone up and clapping.  The combination of music, friendliness of neighbors and homemade cookies and cocoa made me thankful to be in a community that has been able to retain many of the rural values both Dan and I appreciate.

Looking forward to seeing all of our family this week.  There will be pictures!