Saturday, November 10, 2012

Disaster Training

Dan and I are now a part of an Early Response Team.  We spent the day in training, learning there is more than turning up with a chain saw.

The ERT training is part of UMVIM (United Methodist Volunteers In Mission) which is also part of a larger group of organizations that coordinate volunteers when disaster strikes.  We are required to pass the basic training today, take an additional class on Safe Gatherings and pass a background check.  At first, it might seem a bit extreme just to help with clean up.  There are very good reasons for these regulations.

A point that was mentioned many times today is that volunteers must be invited  in to help after a storm.  The people who have suffered losses must be treated with upmost respect and care.  Their personal belongings the same. 

Secondly, we learned we will be placed in a group.  And, within that group will be people placed as leaders according to their ability and talent.  Just like in any workplace, it is important to maintain order.

Contrary to popular belief, FEMA does an excellent job of helping where they are needed.  The instructor today had participated in many cleanup areas.  He said he was amazed at how quickly FEMA showed up with bathrooms and bottled water, the two most important immediate needs.

At the present time, we should expect around a three month time frame for our approval.  That would be in time for spring Let’s hope we are not needed.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Happy Birthday, Kim

scan0019 I thought you might like this picture on your birthday.  It is so good of you with Mom and Dad looking so much like we all remember them.  Then there is Dan peeking over your shoulder.  We were all so proud of you receiving your DPT from Creighton University that day. 

This election year reminds me that Dr. Bill Roy, my pediatrician, was also running for the US House the year you were born.  The birth was on Monday and Dr. Roy won his election on Tuesday.  On Wednesday he came in to see us.  Only it wasn’t only him, he had a whole entourage with him.  It was quite a deal.

We were in the hospital for three days.  During that time, Dan built a little shelf unit out of walnut for the nursery.  I think it has hung in some room ever since. 

So many of our life references revolve around this 1970 birthday.  Oh, let’s see, we built a house when Kim was four so that was 1974.  Kim looks like she was five in that picture with Bell’s puppies so they were born in 1975.  Doug’s 1972 birthday is very important to us, but that even year is so easy to figure. 

So, again, Happy Birthday, Kim.  Have a good one.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

There’s that widget again

Once again I have added a Twitter add on widget to the left side of the blog.  This may be the third or fourth time I have put one on there.  It always seems like a good idea at the time but then I don't tweet anything new and it just looks tired.

Actually, I am not sure about Twitter.  How could anything I do be so important that I need to immediately put it out there for people to see, especially given I don't really have a knack for catchy one or two sentence messages.

So, why do I have the little gadget back up there? I am going to try to put one tweet up a day for a couple weeks to see how it goes.  With the thought that I need to be watching for something in my life that is positive and interesting or positively interesting to write, maybe I'll become more observant and/or perceptive. Even thankful.

After all, it is the season to be thankful.  And,  right now  I need to work on being more optimistic.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Daniel C. Fitzgerald writes Kansas

As promised, this started out to be about the Reverend Richard Taylor, our own Berryton person of history.  I got sidetracked.

A simple search for Rev. Taylor brought up Daniel Fitzgerald’s web site. That was over an hour ago. 

Fitzgerald has written three books on ghost towns of Kansas.  His top ten list is here.  After writing three books on ghost towns of Kansas, he wrote, “Ghost Towns of Kansas: A Travelers Guide.”  Definitely, this needs further research.  Dan and I enjoy Kansas travel.

He writes about his travelers guide book here where he also has a list of all the ghost towns in his publications.  (To my cousins:  Skiddy is not included)  Richland, our four-mile-away ghost town is not included, but it is a Clinton Lake casualty.  Probably towns forced out of existence because of a Corps of Engineer reservoir is a book of its own. 

Then, I see Mr. Fitzgerald is starting a new web site.  So, I began checking it out and came upon this article entitled, “Top Ten Kansas Locations” located here at the bottom of a list of other interesting articles.

It is refreshing to read articles written by someone who knows and loves Kansas. 

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Royalite typewriter



Actually, the typing looked better than my sample.  Although I think the keys need cleaning. 

I know…what I am doing with this typewriter.

The Rev. Richard Taylor’s estate auction was today.  Rev. Taylor  lived in the Berryton community for many years.  He was a lobbyist for the Kansas Legislature.    More about Rev. Taylor another time.

I did not expect to buy anything at the auction, but picked up a number just in case.  We were standing near a table in the process of being sold when a Navy issue wool blanket came up for sale.  Only one other person bid and I got it for $10.  Amazingly, there are no moth holes.  It currently is in the deep freeze where it will stay for a couple weeks.  That will kill anything lingering.  It might go in the camper—there is no warmer blanket for the weight.

Then I bought Rev. Taylor’s WWII Navy officer government issued coat and overcoat  for $3.  I think I will dry clean the overcoat.  It is in excellent condition—wool with no holes.  For anyone looking for vintage, it is a find.  I might try Ebay.

What about the typewriter?  $2.50.  Well, I was on a roll and it is in like new condition,  has a case,  instruction book and guarantee with the date of purchase (5-31-60).  It too will go on Ebay. 

One last thing on the typewriter.  Remember those typing tests where accuracy was so important?  I have been reminded that correcting an error is time consuming and tacky.  And, we’ve totally taken cut and paste for granted.