Thursday, November 01, 2012

Pond, Phase I

Our neighbor is putting in what will be a beautiful pond.  First, in order for the dam to hold back the water properly, this trench had to be dug down to the rock shelf. 


The trench will be filled up with clay soil.  According to the contractor, this should seal the dam.  Meanwhile there are two earth movers taking out beautiful black dirt.  I think we are hauling some tomorrow.  More pictures later. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What am I reading:

Winter of the World by Ken Folett.  This is a sequel to Fall of Giants.  It is a hefty book, nearly 1,000 pages.  I like Folett’s books because they have an unbelievably intertwined storyline along side historical events.

Give me a couple weeks and I’ll let you know.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The NorthStar is ready to hibernate

So far, we have always taken care of winterizing our campers before any damage by freezing.  We might have pushed the limits this year—twice.  Both times we camped in low 20 degree weather.  Everything was fine, mainly because we ran one of those small heaters with all the cabinet doors open.  But, we decided not to test it any further.

So, today we drained the lines.  We still need to put compressed air into the system.  That gets out the last of the water.  Not a big deal to take care of, but we tend to put if off.  Maybe just don’t want to give in to winter.

We have camped after winterizing.  We just have to carry water.  It is simple to pour RV antifreeze into holding tanks.  In fact, we are thinking of a little Christmas roadtrip.  We’ll see, things can be very busy this time of year. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Big win for the Cats


We were fortunate to obtain tickets for another KSU game yesterday thanks to our neighbors who had a conflict.  Kansas State played Texas Tech, a good team ready to upset our Cinderella season. 

The KSU 55 vs Texas Tech 24 final score doesn’t reflect the close first half.  The players and coaches figured it out and obviously the second half went much better. 

Once again we took our pickup camper to tailgate.  It worked even better this time because we had a little extra room where we parked.  With the boys along, it was nice to have a bathroom.  Kim and Marc brought their tabletop heater.  We also brought the propane cylinder we used several weeks ago, so we were toasty.  Really, it was a beautiful football day, though.

We didn’t grill, just warmed Kim’s pulled pork on the stove.  After the game we had Nachos.  As usual, lots of snacking in between.

I was a picture slacker.  For some reason, I came away from the fun day with only one picture—taken on my phone.  No excuses other than I forgot my good camera.  Pictures taken on my phone are not very good but better than nothing.