Thursday, June 28, 2012

Laura, the feral cat

We've had Laura for several years now. I've written about her before, but to refresh her background, Laura was trapped in Kansas City, neutered and put up for adoption. Had we not adopted her, she would have been released into the same area she was caught. For those who work in the program, her clipped ear tells her story. We think the trap/neuter/release program in Kansas City is worthwhile. It keeps the cat population down as well as rodents.

 We had to keep her in the barn for a month. She would have tried to return to home had we not resat her territory in this way. For months, we would occasionally see her out and about, but ran when she saw us. Gradually, she has become tame enough to let us pet her. She loves to be around us and will even jump up into Dan's lap. However, a quick move toward her and she is gone.

 I decided to put this quirky picture of her in the Lawrence Journal World pet contest. She would appreciate your vote!

Latest communication with Colorado family

We just received an email from Drue and her wording is “things have quieted down with the fires today.”

Again, we appreciate the concern shown for our family.  I’m also thinking of all of you who have to work out in this heat.  Take care.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Update on Doug, Drue, Trent & Carly in Colorado

We have had lots of calls of concern about our Colorado family.  I know they appreciate you thinking of them. 

Dan visited with Doug about an hour ago and all is well.  Right now the wind has shifted which has also taken the smoke away from them. 

For those familiar with the area, they live in Woodmoor.  Their area is part of Monument, but is separated from the city proper by I25.  They think it unlikely that the fire would cross the interstate, but their area has well established trees and sparks are always a concern.   Monument is about five miles or so north of the Air Force Academy. 

Cousin Sylvie & Mike are feeling like they are probably alright as well but are grieving with friends who lost their home. 

As I have told several who have called, “No news is good news” at this point.

NOTE:  Just as I posted this, Drue called.  She said Monument, which as I said is not actually where they live, has a pre-evacuation notice.  It is not only because of the Air Force Academy fire, but also fires near Rampart Range which is directly west of them over the mountains.   Their hope is the wind does not drive that fire to the east toward their area.

Two more pictures:



Mountain Shadows subdivision northwest of Colorado Springs

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fire near Colorado Springs

photo (1)This was taken by Doug who lives north of Colorado Springs in Monument.  He sent the picture at 8:03 which would have been 7:03 his time.

This is what he said,

“The fire has jumped the ridge. It's now in neighborhoods”

These two pictures are from cousin Sylvie who lives just south of Doug.



Monday, June 25, 2012

Update on rogue beagles


As I said last night, these two guys came into our yard unannounced and uninvited on Saturday morning.  They’ve been in Tom & Christi’s dog pen since then.  This morning we decided we needed to take them to the animal shelter. 

After one chewed up neck pillow and two even more deaf elders caused by the baying racket in the back seat, we made it to the Lawrence Humane Shelter. 

The first thing the young lady said when she checked us in is, “Did you find these in the upper part of Clinton Lake?  I think they’ve been here before.” 

Good news, they might find their way home.  They were sweet boys but I believe they’ve been used to hunt.  If their owner doesn’t claim them in three days, they will be neutered and put up for adoption.  That won’t have a happy ending, because unless they are penned up they will be absent most of the time, following their nose.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Where to start now that it is over

Let me begin by saying it was a fun weekend, busy but fun.

First, last Friday both Aaron and Adam had string concerts to wrap up their Orchestra camp week.  I know I’ve said this many times, but the orchestra instructors at Shawnee Heights where our grandkids attend are excellent.

Friday night we were invited for dinner in the home of friends.  We had kabobs, something I should attempt do more with the fresh garden produce.  They are tricky but Pete and Debby’s were done to perfection.

Saturday Dan’s family had a get together in Stanley Kansas.  We were late getting there because…

I was wrapping up a batch of canned green beans when I heard two beagles with the signature  “rabbit in pursuit” whiny-bark .  I know that sound well from our many years with Lucy.  These two dogs had no collar, seemed a bit confused (other than the rabbit they kept harassing) and were very friendly.  After giving them a much needed drink, we took them to our neighbors who have a dog pen.  We’re pretty sure they are dumped.  Too bad as these are beautifully marked beagles  and obviously know how to hunt rabbits. 

Anyway, it was fun to see Laura Lea who was back from Austin as well as the other nieces and nephews.

Then it was on to the “Pork and Pie” festival at Lone Star.  They had a little car show and we backed in our Camaro.  The pie was delicious—I was too full for the pork sandwich.

Today we ate lunch at Kim & Marc’s.  They had company yesterday and we got to help with the leftovers—we’ll take those anytime.  They made a marinated green bean salad—I’ll have to share that recipe later.  After lunch it was on to town for a couple errands. 

All is well that ends well.  We decided to watch the sun go down at the pond.